Temporary Void Platforms


VOIDECK® is an award winning temporary platform safety system that provides immediate fall protection, a safe working platform & unobstructed access to void areas.


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VOIDECK® safety system provides a safe working platform with unobstructed access throughout the construction process with both residential and commercial applications.

Designed to improve worksite safety standards in the construction industry, VOIDECK® eliminates fall zones from upper-level floors and floor pits, making it a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial use.


Developed over a seven-year period, the void platform has been widely used in the Australian market since 2013 and was introduced to New Zealand in 2019 where VOIDECK® has received several awards for its innovative design and safety features. As a result of its success in Australasia VOIDECK® is now planning to expand into international markets.


Cost effective

VOIDECK® is a cost-effective temporary platform system for residential and commercial use in stairwells, atriums, lift shafts and service risers.

Immediate fall protection

VOIDECK® immediately eliminates the fall risk for construction workers, clients, consultants, building inspectors and other visitors to site.

Safe working platform

VOIDECK® provides a safe working platform to enable the completion of high-level wall and ceiling areas above the void including framing, insulation, lining, plastering, painting and the installation of light fittings.

Unobstructed access

VOIDECK® is a self-supporting modular system installed within the void itself providing a clear working space above and below the void and unobstructed access in between levels throughout the construction process.




First Installation

The Voideck platform is installed as soon as the void is formed and, immediately eliminating the fall risk.



The Voideck platform is then dismantled, removed and set aside pending completion.



The Voideck platform is reinstalled before being later dismantled and removed from the site.


To find out more about VOIDECK® and how it can provide fall protection and a safe working platform on your construction site, please contact us. You can also view our product brochure to see detailed information and specifications about the system.


The VOIDECK® temporary void platform system is currently available in the wider Wellington region. VOIDECK® will be rolling the system out nationwide over the next 18 months.

The VOIDECK® is only available for hire. We will provide you with a quote for installation and removal together with a weekly hireage rate.

The installation process is in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – The modular aluminium panels are supported by a unique tube and bracket system that is fixed to the flooring or bottom plates of the wall framing above.

Stage 2 – The brackets sit on timber blocks fixed to the wall framing (through the wall linings) with tek screws.

The VOIDECK® system has a safe certified working load of 225kg per bay (light duty).

The aluminium panels are designed to be removed and replaced to allow loading in and full stair access once the stairs are in place. Any fixed components must not be removed.

Highly Commended 2020 Safety Excellence - New Zealand Building Industry Award
2020 winner innovation - New Zealand workplace health and safety awards
Master Builders Associate Member
The Wellington Gold Awards 2022 Winner
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